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Tinto House

The Biomass Solution
Brian Robinson the Managing Director of The Tinto House, Symington Biggar approached Corstane Wood Chip (CWC) back in November regarding a reliable source of Biomass Wood Pellets. We were more than happy to assist and excited to work with such an established local business. The Tinto House recently changed its heating system from Oil to Biomass Pellets and has not looked back since. Now their heat demand is supplied locally by CWC at a substantially reduced net carbon output.

Biomass Delivery
At CWC we pride ourselves on a quick and personal response to all orders. We exclusively supply the ENPlus A1 quality Woodlet Brand of pellets that are produced in Scotland and use the reliable delivery service provided by Galloway McLeod. At Tinto House, 10 tonne bulk pellets are delivered directly into the purpose built storage bin. This is done via a short pipe and the pneumatic blowing systems on the delivery vehicles.

Biomass Usage
The pellets are automatically fed into the Biomass Boiler via a self feeding screw. The boiler then heats the Hotel and Tinto House receive their Renewable Heat Incentive for every Kilowatt of heat produced.

Going Forward
If you have a Commercial or Domestic heat requirement and are looking for a Local South of Scotland BSL supply of Biomass Fuel please feel free to contact Andrew on 07746677423 or Andrew@corstanewoodchip.com. We’d be delighted to hear from you and will aim to provide a competitive Biomass Fuel quote on Bulk Wood Chip, Bulk or Individual 10kg bagged Pellets and Firewood.

Andrew Dunlop

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