Successful bulk delivery of BSL Authorised Wood Pellets





Corstane Wood Chip and Galloway MacLeod combine to deliver success.

On Friday 13th March CWC & GM combined to deliver 5 ton of Wood pellets.  The ENplus A1 pellets were blown directly into the storage unit (pictured below) with zero fuss.

Our woodlet pellets are fully authorised on the Biomass Supplier List – BSL0060954-0003, this offers the purchaser the a guaranteed continuation of their RHI.  The 6 mm premium quality wood pellets are 100% softwood insuring a highly clean product that not only burns beautifully up to 4800kW / ton but also that the process is exceptionally clean, leaving very little ash.  Our pellets are some of the lowest carbon wood pellets available on the market.


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Bulk Pellet delivery

Andrew Dunlop

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