Reasons Why We Should be Recycling Wood

Being such a finite resource, wood is extremely important not just to the world, but to the human race as a whole. We must protect this valued resource from deforestation.

Wood is easily one of the most valued and important natural resources mother earth can offer us, with products such as compost additive, animal bedding, soil conditioner, furniture, paper being manufactured from trees.


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The Benefits of recycling wood

Due to the limitations of trees we should be recycling what we take from the forests as much as possible. This will allow us the earth to flourish naturally and the animals that we share it with to have their rightful fair share of the benefits.

We’ve constructed a list of the reasons why we as the human race should be raising awareness of the dangers of overexposing the use of wood and the destruction of trees.  So here are the benefits of recycling the wood that we do take from our beautiful woods and jungles.

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Recycling reduces environmental impact

The value which trees can have to our health is crucial to all who inhabit our planet. Trees don’t only give us shade from the sun, but provide us with oxygen. Why don’t we just plant as many trees as we cut down? Well, it’s not quite as simple as that. Forests take multiple years to reach maturity, so the less that we cut down in present, the better. The more trees which we have on the earth today, the less we will be exposed to carbon dioxide.

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Recycling can help our businesses

Almost a massive 16 million tons of wood is flung to the side every year across the world. Less that 15% is recycled. In Lincolnshire, the world’s biggest recycling plant was opened in 2012 – this is not only great for the re-usage of the precious resource, but great for our economy in the UK, as it created hundreds of jobs for the local area surrounding the plant. Just think of how many more jobs can be created if you create more of these factories across Europe; whilst also protecting our beautiful landscapes and personal health. Allstar Joinery are another inspiration to the recycling world, instead of choosing to produce their shop and restaurant fit outs from newly cut and manufactured wood, they’ve opted to use as much recycled wood as they possibly can in order to leave as small a mark on the earth as possible.

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Re-using resources can help us save money

Energy costs will drop the less that we manufacture products such as paper, furniture and compost from trees. Recycling costs less than the disposal of landfills – as when making fresh merchandise from virgin materials; we bolster energy to excerpt and process those substances.

Every little helps on our end of the manufacturing process – instead of going to Ikea to buy furniture for your office try looking for smaller companies who don’t project such a burning hole onto the earth and manufacture on mass. Companies such as Gazelle have the right idea, instead of producing new furniture like the leading office furniture companies in their industry, they refurbish used products so that they can be sold and re-used by companies once again. It’s highly recommended to buy used office furniture from Gazelle and other companies in this vain.

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Have any other methods which we as normal citizens to this planet can be doing to protect the environment, let us know in the comments below!

Andrew Dunlop

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