We are pleased to announce that we will be supplying Southern Scotland and Northern England with a consistently high quality all year round.  Unlike other suppliers Corstane Wood Chip do not rely on the weather to season wood.  The efficient drying system offers the perfect product every time.   We are dedicated to finding our customers commercially viable solutions to reduce their carbon footprint.  Contact us for competitive prices for our BSL Authorised products.

Woodlets Pellets         [Temporarily Out of Stock]

Corstane Wood Chip are an official stockist of Land Energy Wood Pellets.  Print is a UK based renewable energy business focussed on producing a high quality wood pellet.  They are one of the only suppliers in the UK to have installed a Combined Heat and Power system at their plant in Girvan.  This uses locally sourced, low grade biomass for generating 100% of the electrical and heat energy required in the wood pellet production cycle.  Carbon emissions are therefore kept to a minimum.  Woodlets are suitable for use in all wood pellet boilers and multi fuel stoves.  The Woodlets -10kg bags are available individually or by the ton all year round.   Fuel supply contracts are available on request.

pellet stove

  • Biomass Supplier List (BSL0060954-0003)
  • Burns efficiently producing 4800kW per ton
  • 6mm pellets are 100% wood sourced from nearby sustainable forestry.
  • Woodlets are some of the lowest carbon wood pellets available on the market.
  • 10kg bags / loose bulk Delivery or collection.

Wood Chip

Corstane Wood Chip have BSL Trader status for supplying Wood Chip.  Our suppliers source Sitka Spruce Wood Chip that’s grown locally in the South of Scotland. The wood is chipped to the desired G30 size (equates to 30mm or less). The chip is then dried by the x2 Eta Hack Boiler powered Drying Floor to a moisture content of >25% (W25). The G30 W25% wood chip product results in a healthier boiler and cleaner emissions. Deliveries via Walking Floor haulage lorries – 100m3 or 50m3. Fuel supply contracts are available on request.


  • Guaranteed G30 W25% on all Walking Floor deliveries over the entire year.
  • Sitka Spruce Wood Chip dried to a moisture content of >25% to ensure a high calorific product of 3500kW per tonne.
  • Biomass Supplier List (BSL0399453-0002).
  • Dry storage conditions will see Wood Chip last for up to 6 months.

Dried Logs

Corstane Wood Chip source Sitka Spruce Wood as above, the wood is processed to create a consistent log ideally suited for Biomass Boilers.  The logs are then dried by the x4 Eta Hack Boiler powered Drying Floor to a moisture content of under 15%.  If you have been burning seasoned or semi-seasoned firewood then dried logs are going to be a real treat for you.

  • Logs  “ready to burn”.
  • Consistent log size, maximum of 30cm x 15cm.
  • Corstane logs are clean-burning with high heat output and leave less flue and chimney residue than unseasoned or semi-seasoned firewood.
  • Biomass Supplier List (BSL0399453-0001).
  • 1m cubed bags Delivery or collection.