“Suppliers of sustainable BSL Fuels.”

At Corstane Wood Chip we provide a reliable and sustainable heat source while creating a close to net ZERO carbon emission for both domestic and non domestic users.  We supply a consistent assured product all year round which ensures all you need to worry about is the thermostat.

We work closely with National Biomass Boiler Installers to ensure that customers get the correct fuel for their Biomass Boiler instillation.     The high quality products make a reliable boiler and ultimately offer peace of mind for you the customer (after all you wouldn’t want to loose the Boiler Warranty by using a inconsistent moisture content of Biomass Fuel).  Whether your need is for Wood Chip, Pellets or Fire Logs we guarantee to deliver a high quality product at sensible prices. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

Biomass Supplier List (BSL)bsl authorised

BSL Background – To adhere to Government legislation from Autumn 2015 all biomass fuel used by households, businesses and other organisations claiming the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) must meet a lifecycle greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions target.   This has lead to the introduction of the Department of Energy & Climate Change regulated BSL of Biomass Fuel suppliers.  To continue to claim RHI the fuel must be purchased from a BSL authorised supplier from the Government timber sourcing accreditation scheme.  

We are delighted to announce Corstane Wood Chip is an Authorised BSL Trader of Wood Chip, Woodlets Pellets and Firewood therefore purchasing from us guarantees the continuation of your RHI.  Our stringent quality control ensures that the wood products we sell will match your heating equipment and provide high levels of heat conversion efficiency while ultimately saving money and the environment.

Corstane Wood Chip BSL Authorised Products

We are aware that everyone’s requirements are different. Whether you require a full Walking Floor of Wood Chip or a small bag of logs we aim to deliver great value, high quality Biomass Fuels.  Discounted fuel supply contracts are available on request.

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The Carbon Cycle

Wood is a major source of renewable energy and has major environmental benefits. It is the oldest form of fuel, but recently we have favoured fossil fuels such as coal, gas, oil and electricity. Unlike the greenhouse gases produced through burning fossil fuels, when burnt efficiently, wood produces no smoke and is virtually carbon neutral.  So by choosing Corstane Wood Chip products you will assist in helping the environment.

 Buy local so you never run out!

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