Home and dry – G30W25 BSL wood chip from Corstane


It wasn’t only the winter winds blowing last week as the chipping contractor blew 25 tonnes of local timber into the drying shed.

The rolling hills of Peebleshire provide ideal growing conditions for commercial forestry, and our location on the outskirts of Broughton Village is well placed for good local supply chains. The timber in the picture below was sourced less than a mile from the farm as the crow flies.

img_2195.jpgWood sourced locally from Broughton Knowe.

 img_2199-1.jpgWood chipped to G30.

Once chipped its placed on one of our perforated steel floors and undergoes a 48hour drying process, during which warm air dries the chip down to a G25% moisture content. This process is powered by our ETA boilers which themselves burn Corstane produced Woodchip.

Our customers can expect a high quality and consistent fuel source all year round. For more information on our product or to discuss your requirements contact Andrew Dunlop .

img_2201.jpgLoaded drying floor. 


Andrew Dunlop

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